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Some Sudan news

Posted in africa, human rights, organizations, political, sudan by writerwriting on October 18, 2008

Human Rights First published a report today detailing arms sales to Sudan from 2004-2006. Read it here. I’ve yet to read it myself but here is the text from the alert I received:

direct shipments of arms to Sudan from twelve countries, including China, India, Kenya, Iran and Russia, in violation of the U.N. arms embargo. Weapons from another twenty-four countries, including the U.S., Switzerland, Germany and the U.K., ended up in Sudan, also in violation of the embargo. The report recommends steps countries can take to stop their arms from going to Sudan.

They also published a new policy paper on strengthening the Darfur arms embargo. You can also read a newly passed Senate resolution on arms sales on the site.


Susan Sarandon is a classy lady

Posted in africa, human rights, organizations by writerwriting on October 17, 2008

PHOENIX, Arizona (CNN) — Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon has a long-documented career in public advocacy, but as she describes it, those efforts have been “self-serving.”

“It’s [an] overwhelming time when you hear so many things going wrong and there’s so little trust in the world,” says Sarandon. “It’s very self-serving to get involved because you meet people who give you hope for the future; you hear stories that make you feel there’s going to be a happy ending somewhere.”

For Sarandon, Rose Mapendo represents one such happy ending.

Mapendo, a Tutsi, survived 16 months of harrowing atrocity in a Congolese death camp with her children before their life-saving rescue and resettlement. Her journey ultimately led to her collaborative establishment of Mapendo International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to identifying, saving and resettling endangered refugees.

“She’s the story of the power of forgiveness,” says Sarandon.

You can read the rest here.

Mapendo International.