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Get the 101st Airborne In There, and Shit

Posted in history, imagination land, personal, television by indiegoddess on October 19, 2008

I just don’t understand why the 101st Airborne Division was like, EVERYWHERE during World War II and did like EVERYTHING in that fucking war. There were like 1,000 deaths in the division, right? And they were at EVERYTHING. And they won like, EVERYTHING.

So, explain to me why we needed to have like, 72 million deaths in that war when we could have just had those people like, do everything. I mean, I will say that Nix and Winters could have just handled all of Nazi Germany BY THEMSELVES. Especially since it is obvs that they could kill everyone with their eyes closed and both hands tied behind their backs.

I mean with Jimi Hendrix up in that shit, everyone else could just sit down and like, eat some watermelon and set off fireworks and set the fuckers who PLAYED Nix and Winters in Band of Brothers out on the fucking Nazis and BAM NO MORE NAZIS.

It could happen. It should have happened. Clearly I am the best military strategist and I should be president now. K, thanks.