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Jimmy Carter – A Human Rights Agenda for the Obama Administration –

Posted in africa, human rights, political, the world by writerwriting on December 10, 2008

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. With a new administration and a new vision coming to the White House, we have the opportunity to move boldly to restore the moral authority behind the worldwide human rights movement. But the first steps must be taken at home.

Jimmy Carter – A Human Rights Agenda for the Obama Administration –


Horrible Things Happening in Congo… Again

Posted in africa, congo by indiegoddess on November 7, 2008

UN peacekeepers said gunfire erupted on Friday just north of the city of Goma, where rebel forces halted their offensive last week.

Thousands of refugees in the nearby town of Kibati are said to have fled towards Goma when the mortar and small arms fire broke out.

Meanwhile, the UN said it was investigating reports that rebels led by Gen Nkunda had killed civilians in their homes in the eastern town of Kiwanja on Thursday.

At least 12 bodies were found in the town, which was retaken by rebels loyal to him earlier this week.

“They knocked on the doors, when the people opened, they killed them with their guns,” said Simo Bramporiki, whose wife and child were killed during the night.

via BBC NEWS | Africa | Fighting as DR Congo talks start

Congo things

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I’m being super lazy. Deal with it.

An effort on US university campuses and others around the world to raise awareness about issues facing DR Congo is in full force this week. One of the activities to show solidarity is a ‘cell-out’ from 12pm – 6pm today, to recognize the use of coltan and the resulting abuse of workers in bad conditions, including children, in the mining of coltan / tantalum. For more info, click on the image.

Join in a WaPo sponsored chat with Congo Week organizer Kambale Musavuli at 12 noon EST today.


Interestingly enough, Kambale Musavuli is a student at an NC university.

Some Sudan news

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Human Rights First published a report today detailing arms sales to Sudan from 2004-2006. Read it here. I’ve yet to read it myself but here is the text from the alert I received:

direct shipments of arms to Sudan from twelve countries, including China, India, Kenya, Iran and Russia, in violation of the U.N. arms embargo. Weapons from another twenty-four countries, including the U.S., Switzerland, Germany and the U.K., ended up in Sudan, also in violation of the embargo. The report recommends steps countries can take to stop their arms from going to Sudan.

They also published a new policy paper on strengthening the Darfur arms embargo. You can also read a newly passed Senate resolution on arms sales on the site.

Susan Sarandon is a classy lady

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PHOENIX, Arizona (CNN) — Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon has a long-documented career in public advocacy, but as she describes it, those efforts have been “self-serving.”

“It’s [an] overwhelming time when you hear so many things going wrong and there’s so little trust in the world,” says Sarandon. “It’s very self-serving to get involved because you meet people who give you hope for the future; you hear stories that make you feel there’s going to be a happy ending somewhere.”

For Sarandon, Rose Mapendo represents one such happy ending.

Mapendo, a Tutsi, survived 16 months of harrowing atrocity in a Congolese death camp with her children before their life-saving rescue and resettlement. Her journey ultimately led to her collaborative establishment of Mapendo International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to identifying, saving and resettling endangered refugees.

“She’s the story of the power of forgiveness,” says Sarandon.

You can read the rest here.

Mapendo International.