Illegal Jesus

Happy Election Day!

Posted in 2008 election, personal, political, the personal is political by writerwriting on November 4, 2008

Y’all, I am nervous. You can probably expect about 80 posts from me saying that over and over again today. I’ll try to restrain myself. Ignore the time stamp on the blog posts, I AM NOT CONTACTING YOU FROM THE FUTURE.

Okay, so I barely slept last night. I got out one of the holiday coloring books we have and found our Election Night mascot. Indie Goddess or I will take a picture of him and post it later. His name is Hoppy and he has bloodshot eyes, just like us!

I have a separate browser open right now. I’m calling it my OFFICIAL ELECTION 2008 BROWSER. I have opened CNN, BBC, MSNBC, 538, and ONTD: Political.

The rest of you get out there and vote if you haven’t already. Starbucks and Ben & Jerry’s have revised their “get something free for voting” to “get 1 free thing today only”. So go get your free coffee and your free ice cream, my lovelies!


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