Illegal Jesus

Hey, I’m Still Alive

Posted in personal by indiegoddess on November 3, 2008

I know I haven’t been able to say much here. I’ve been sick, at this point, for nearly a month and I’ve gotten to the point that I’m sleeping pretty much all day. I seem to be getting worse, not better. I don’t know. I went and walked on an incline on the treadmill as fast as I could yesterday in an effort to sweat this mother out. I might do the same thing tomorrow. Drink some ACV and sweat a little and then shower and resign myself to not moving from my TV until Wednesday.

I do have things to say but I haven’t had energy to say them, which is why I haven’t posted here. For those of you who wanted to know if I was alive, though – I am. Barely. Haha.

And for those of you who DO NOT KNOW THIS ALREADY: My nephew is the most adorable human being in the world. He was a sock monkey for Halloween. I have pictures of him INSIDE A PUMPKIN. And I cannot wait to eat his chubby baby feet.


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