Illegal Jesus

And Then I Woke Up and I Was Sick and There Was No Adam Brody.

Posted in personal by indiegoddess on October 26, 2008

I don’t usually post about my dreams, because hearing about other people’s dreams bores the shit out of me. But I just have been having some fucking FABULOUS dreams the last week or so [Minnie Driver was my mom in one of them], and I have to document how awesomely epic this one was.

– I was a ballerina.

– I was BFF with Marissa Cooper, and Ryan Atwood, and Summer and Seth. This weirded me out, cause in the dream I REALLY liked Marissa. Like, she was really nice and we got along REALLY well.

– I got to make out a whole bunch with Seth. It was awesome. We were MTB.

– I got a lifetime supply of tickets to every single Dave Matthews Band show ever.

– Summer had to admit that Seth and I were better together than they were. Seth totally loved me more than he loved Summer, too. He was like “WHO IS SHE? WEV.”

– I was standing in front of the stage at a DMB show at one point, and Dave and I were twittering back and forth to each other.

– I couldn’t get my IPHONE TO WORK.

I know, right? That last part was what killed Writer Writing. I told her about that, and she was like O-O, and I was like “I KNOW. AND MY DIAMOND SHOES WERE TOO TIGHT.”


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