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Satan makes yummy presidents!

Posted in 2008 election, funny, political by writerwriting on October 24, 2008

I don’t want anymore FoxNews forum traffic at this blog, so I won’t link it directly but you can imagine that if the posting by one James P. Pinkerton mentions that there’s a tie between Obama and Satan, it’s going to generate some lulzy responses.

I have brought you examples, internets. Because I love you that much.

But first, here’s the opening paragraph of the posting:

Could Lucifer play a role in this presidential election? It may sound crazy, but one of the candidates in this race has publicly praised, even emulated, a writer-activist who himself paid tribute to Lucifer. That’s right, Lucifer, also known as the Devil, Satan, Beelzebub—you get the idea.

This is arguably the most important election in this century. If you want our democracy to survive, and not turn into a socialist state, WE MUST GET OUT THE REPUBLICAN VOTE! IF OBAMA GETS ELECTED WITH A MAJORITY OF THE CONGRESS AND SENATE ALSO DEMOCRATIC, THIS COUNTRY IS IN REAL TROUBLE. This new Democratic Party is not the party of your parents and grandparents. It has been hijacked by the radical left. Obama has been endorsed by the Communist party USA, Socialist Party USA, Illinois Communist Party, New Black Panther Party, Muslim Americans for Obama, Hamas, Qadhafi, Al Sharpton, ACORN, Louis Farrakhan, Fidel Castro, and many, many others who are actively working for his election.

I’d like to point out that Republicans today are not the Republicans of my grandparents, either.

Glad someone had the guts to stand up and say the truth. The obamanation followers will say anything and do anything to get their inexperienced, lying and fraudulant candidate elected.

It will be interestingwhen the International Crisis takes place that Joe Biden warned of. Will the Obamnation people still think so highly of their savior??? John McCain would not be tested by the International World if he was elected President. Why do you all think that is? Maybe it’s because he’s qualified, he’s admitted in front of eveyone that he loves this country – Words that you would never hear from Obama’s mouth.

I’d like to see McCain challenged by the intergalactic world.

So when you cast your vote on November 4th and you were just going to vote for Obama because he was for change, remember this – HITLER WAS FOR CHANGE.

From the same person as before. This is funny because for the past 7 weeks, I’ve had Sarah Palin’s mosquito buzz voice in my ear saying, “John McCain is going to bring the change that’s needed in Washington.”

I just got another email from my friend who was with Michelle the day she made these disgusting comments about her love for Satin. My friend said that when Michelle and Obama want to have some “Private Time” that she will sometimes where a Satin Nightgown.

So, my question to you, liberals, is that what is a Satin Nightgown and what are they doing with their “Private Time”. I will answer this for you since you liberals are too stupid to figure it out:


I can’t believe that Fox News hasn’t banned Obama from their news coverage. His imagery on my television set is casting Satin’s light into my living room and it’s letting his evil soul corrupt our household!


ICWYDT. This commenter is my new favorite person.

I like how all of you liberals out there are taking this article lightly. Look, I have connections with Michelle Obama. She has stated that she LOVES SATIN. I can post these emails to you if you don’t believe me. These comments were taken during a recent fashion event in Chicago. She said to my friends that “I just wish everybody could be into Satin like I am. It’s just so beautiful and I even want my kids to wear Satin.”

I was a little confused at the end of her comments though. She wants her kids to wear like, the flesh of Satin? Maybe like some flesh suit made out of a sacrificed goat? Man that’s just very scary. The Obamas are Satin loving freaks!


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