Illegal Jesus

Another Day, Another Faux Lynching…

Posted in Uncategorized by indiegoddess on October 18, 2008

At least, to his credit, he isn’t claiming he doesn’t know this shit is racist.

But that’s all the credit I give him. And now I have a question.

Okay, seriously, people.

My grandma’s father was born in Ohio. So was my grandfather. And yes, I heard some racist fuckneck shit out of my grandfather (who was a Democrat, and God rest his soul and etc. but he was damned racist), but…

Should I not be surprised?

I mean, I expect ignorant, racist shit out of Southerners. I know that here, in North Carolina, I am going to be surrounded by idiots hanging Obama from nooses in trees in their yards and shit. I kind of expect it out of this wonderful place where we have separate cemetaries for African Americans and White People ™.

But WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON OVER THERE IN OHIO? Have any of you seen the wholesale racist BULLSHIT that is coming out of that state these days? I mean, hey, Ohioans? Your state’s name does not start with SOUTH and end with CAROLINA.

It does not start with AL and end with ABAMA.



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