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Susan Sarandon is a classy lady

Posted in africa, human rights, organizations by writerwriting on October 17, 2008

PHOENIX, Arizona (CNN) — Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon has a long-documented career in public advocacy, but as she describes it, those efforts have been “self-serving.”

“It’s [an] overwhelming time when you hear so many things going wrong and there’s so little trust in the world,” says Sarandon. “It’s very self-serving to get involved because you meet people who give you hope for the future; you hear stories that make you feel there’s going to be a happy ending somewhere.”

For Sarandon, Rose Mapendo represents one such happy ending.

Mapendo, a Tutsi, survived 16 months of harrowing atrocity in a Congolese death camp with her children before their life-saving rescue and resettlement. Her journey ultimately led to her collaborative establishment of Mapendo International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to identifying, saving and resettling endangered refugees.

“She’s the story of the power of forgiveness,” says Sarandon.

You can read the rest here.

Mapendo International.


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