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Posted in personal, political, the personal is political by indiegoddess on October 16, 2008

The Annenberg Challenge. I am generally pro giving money to schools. I think it is awesome when enough money is given for education reform that it can make an actual difference. And I like that a bipartisan group of very informed and inquisitive people were chosen to allocate that money.

ACORN. There aren’t enough people in this country who stand up for the very poor and disenfranchised. While some levels of fraud exist in any large organization, especially one that employs those same low-income people in grand scale (not that I am saying that lower-income people are more inclined to commit fraud, but that when people are poor, desperate situations are more likely to incline people to feel forced into morally-precarious situations that they would not be in if they were not so poor. This is also a GOOD REASON for employing low-income people. So that they can rise UP from being low-income. For fuck’s sake.)

Bill Ayers. I am all for learning from past mistakes. I am all for coming back into society as a useful and contributing member who endeavours to make life better for those people who have not had such a great chance at life. [ETA: I am not, personally, a supporter of using violence to overthrow the government, or to solve problems. I consider myself an active pacifist. I am not in support of the actions of the Weather Underground, which I think should go without saying, but in case it doesn’t, I’m saying it. I do have to say, however, that the Vietnam War-era was an absolutely horrible and nuanced and crazy time in our history, and that a much clearer, sharper eye is needed to judge any actions surrounding it. I will agree that sometimes, for some people, violence is deemed necessary, and for what it’s worth, WU did a lot more damage to themselves than they did to anyone else. Ayers is, I’m sorry, not a big fucking deal, and saying that connecting Ayers to Obama re: terrorism is just fine and dandy because “libruls” calll George W. Bush a terrorist all the time…frankly? Is a bullshit argument. Because George W. Bush is ABSOLUTELY and WITHOUT QUESTION a terrorist. What he has done in the name of this country to thousands and millions of innocent people in the world is UNFORGIVABLE. While WU is responsible for, from what I recall, the death of one police officer and a few of their own members, and I agree that this is DISGUSTING and HORRIBLE, it is in NO WAY on par with what has been perpetrated by the Bush administration.]

John Lewis: He called it like he saw it. He’s been there. He’s seen that. He knows what he’s witnessing, and he’s fucking RIGHT. He is fucking RIGHT, and McCain getting his little feefees hurt over it does not change that it was A TRUE STATEMENT. You go, John Lewis. DO NOT EVER LET THE MAN GET YOU DOWN. You WERE RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT.

Universal health care. This goes without saying.

Spending money, and investing in infrastructure, in a time of economic crisis. You do not run the federal government the same way that you run your household. It was investing large amounts of money in building up our infrastructure that led to the employment of masses of people during the Great Depression. That and the war, which also lead to EMPLOYMENT, is what got us through.

Closing tax loopholes and increasing taxes on large businesses: You know what? Keep parroting those talking points about how US businesses pay the SECOND HIGHEST taxes in the world, but it’s NOT true. With existing loopholes, we pay the FOURTH LOWEST business taxes among industrialized nations. We’re also the ONLY industrialized nation WITHOUT universal health care.

Keeping your goddamn hands off of my goddamn body. If you are a man, any man, or a woman, any woman, or an idealogue or a preacher or a doctor even, you do not get to CONSULT with me about what I choose to do with my body. It is MINE, and my health is important, and my life, like any “unborn child”‘s life, is SACRED as well. I get to make the decisions, and you don’t. And keep your fucking hands off my goddamn body. The end.

Shutting the fuck up about Ireland’s incredibly low tax rates. Guess what? Ireland is in a recession. They’re not the country you want to point to when you talk about ohhhh amazing economies for business.

NOT GIVING JOHN MCCAIN CREDIT FOR ISSUES HE’S CHANGED HIS MIND ON: Like the Bush tax-cuts, torture, Roe v. Wade, Bear DNA, Bridges to Alaska, and whatthefuckever he’s deciding to take credit or not take credit for, when in actuality he’s done the exact opposite.

In short, let’s bring this country up to speed with the rest of the industrialized world. Let’s foster small business growth, support universal health care separate from those businesses, let’s tax everyone at a fair rate, let’s provide a decent education and as many programs to help people get an even, or head-start in this country as we possibly can, let’s work our asses off to fight institutionalized racism, sexism and homophobia, let’s take care of the disabled among us, let’s put people to work on bettering our society, and let’s stop laying the blame on the poor, disenfranchised people that ACORN is organizing and registering to vote. Because an increase in voter registration among the poor will ALWAYS benefit the Democrats, and the suppression of voters will always benefit Republicans. Voter registration fraud does not equal voter fraud. Mickey Mouse is not going to show up to vote in Ohio. And if Republicans want to WIN an election, they need to come up with a platform that appeals to the people, not suppress turn out and flush voter rolls in order to keep people’s voices from being heard.

You get on that, U.S.A., and then maybe I’ll consider not moving the hell away from you as soon as I can figure out how to do that.


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