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The Obfuscation Report: Joe the Plumber? Nope. Joe the Tax Dodger. Joe the Relative of Charles Keating. Hilarious.

Posted in political by indiegoddess on October 16, 2008

ETA: The link between Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher and the Joseph Wurzelbacher that is related to Charles Keating has been, as best I can tell, disproven. As usual, I will continue using words like “alleged” and “apparantly” until such things are proven, or disproven. No need to claim that I participate in childish gossip-games. I’m intellectually honest to the best of my ability. Even though this is not a “news” blog with any kind of journalistic credentials, I am a university student, and I do attempt to ground my beliefs in fact as often as possible. Opinion is another matter.


Joe the Plumber appears to be Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher.

According to Lucas County, Ohio court records, there is a Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher who has a state income tax lien of $1,182.98. According to the court record he lives on a street that is part of the Lincoln Green subdivision.

And Joe the Plumber’s Father appears to be Robert Wurzelbacher right wing fanatic and contributor who is the son in law of….. you’re not going to believe this. Charles Keating.

This just gets better and better.

Oh there’s also a Joe the Twice Divorced Wife Beater.

And The Joe I Haven’t Had a Plumbing License Since 2002.

I wonder which of these will turn out to be the guy doing all the talk shows?

I’m sure we’ll know by the end of the day.

****Update: Joe the “undecided voter” appears to be a registered Republican. He voted for McCain in the primary.

*** Update 2: There’s another Wurzelbacher. Doug Wurzelbacher. Doug is active in competitive dog sled racing. Guess where he lives? Wasilla, Alaska. What are the odds? I wonder if he’s related to “Plumber Joe”?

These questions need answers.

via The Obfuscation Report: Joe the Plumber? Nope. Joe the Tax Dodger. Joe the Relative of Charles Keating. Hilarious.


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  1. BJD said, on October 16, 2008 at 11:16 pm

    Just for your OWN edification, it is NOT true that this guy is somehow related to THE Charles Keating of the Keating 5….better check your facts before you post rubbish and gossip. You’ll look like one of the childhood “gossip game” participants.

  2. indiegoddess said, on October 17, 2008 at 12:18 am

    Yes, I’m getting that information just now. You’ll notice, however, that in my own post I said “allegedly”” and that this was a quote from a site that said “he appears to be.”

    I was not at all saying that it was true, only that it was alleged.

    No rumour-mongering necessary. I commented extensively yesterday about the idea that Obama participated in ritual Satanic sacrifice of his child in 2004. It was preposterous and not backed up in any sort of fact or methodological research. I’ll always say “allegedly” when I hear anything unverified, and point out as soon as I find out whether or not it is true. No issues with that whatsoever.

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