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Posted in personal, political by writerwriting on October 11, 2008

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In the past week or so, I’ve gone from cringing at the knowledge I’d be voting for Obama in November to actually starting to believe in his message. It’s a good feeling, particularly since I made this choice on my own, very carefully, and did a lot of soul-searching and research before I made the choice. So I feel pretty good about that.

I’m a little scared, however, that I don’t recognize this country anymore. I don’t hold any illusions that this country is hate and racism free, but I didn’t realize it would be so easy for one group to incite a larger group to near-violence. It’s more than a little scary, I don’t mind saying, and it seems that today a lot of it came to a head.

I suppose I should warn you now, as we’re just starting out, that you shouldn’t expect a lot of insightful and intelligent posts from me. I’m not that person. Indie Goddess is our resident genius and I am our resident rambler. I am good at rambling and good at talking about things that don’t matter. I am also good at ranting at you from atop my ginormous soap box, which I LOVE TO DRAG OUT AND STAND ON FROM TIME TO TIME.

Right now I am very sleepy and full of Chinese food and looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow before tackling my homework (I need a short story idea, people).

Before I go, I would like to say that McCain is going to have to try really hard to shut down the rage and fear he himself has ramped up in his followers. You can’t go around calling someone a terrorist, shove that message in the face of people, and then reprimand those people for calling the person a terrorist or something they feel is related to terrorism. You see, when Palin throws around the term “domestic terrorist”, people aren’t defining that as “terrorism by an American” but rather “terrorism from the stereotype [Barack Hussein Obama] that is occurring on our home soil”. (I’m also sick of people bitching that it isn’t a problem to use his full name when it obviously IS a problem. I don’t know, do you remember a guy we captured and hanged a few years back? I think his name was Saddam Hussein.)

I really kind of thought we had moved past McCarthyism.


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  1. indiegoddess said, on October 11, 2008 at 3:38 am

    I OBJECT TO THE ALLEGATIONS THAT YOU ARE NOT THE RESIDENT GENIUS. I am, perhaps, prolific, but I am not insightful. That’s my goal, though.

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