Illegal Jesus

This is heat level stuff.

Posted in political by indiegoddess on October 10, 2008

“I’m not gonna relax. This is the kinda crap that went on in the sixties and it led to big trouble in this country.” – Chris Matthews to Pat Buchanen on Hardball.

I’ve been watching Patty B. squirm his way through the horrible, racist, xenophobic, divisionist rhetoric that’s been spewing out of the McCain campaign, saying that the parts were not designed to add up to a whole, that we need to relax with being worried about it, and that we’re [those people who are concerned about this “tactic”] blowing it out of proportion. I’m more and more impressed with Chris Matthews every day I watch him call the Republican campaign out on its bullshit.

And that takes a lot for me to say because I loathe Chris Matthews.

You’re only allowed to trip over me because you walked into me on purpose to get where you were going TWICE in my life before I call you an insensitive jackass. Chris Matthews has used his two chances.

But I appreciate his sentiments this week.


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