Illegal Jesus

Yom Kippur

Posted in personal by indiegoddess on October 9, 2008

Full disclosure: I am not Jewish. I try not to appropriate important religious symbols and fling them around wildly, but I think that Mustang Bobby’s post over at Shakesville on the Jewish Day of Atonement is reflective of the idea of atonement and responsibility for our actions in all of our lives, religious/spiritual or not.

It’s no great revelation that a lot of people have trouble with the concept of atonement. To them it’s a sign of weakness; if you admit that make you mistakes, people will take advantage of you. Sure, that happens. But it’s part of the process, too, that if someone exploits it, they have their own atonement to look after at some point. Or not. Some people are beyond that. But that’s not your problem. And if you’re secure enough in your own self and you know your limitations, you will have no trouble admitting when you’re wrong and you are strong enough to take the responsibility and the consequences of screwing up. By doing that, more than just making amends and putting things right, you actually improve the situation.

Read the whole thing here.

I am still working on this every day. I don’t think it’s a skill you learn completely – although you can certainly get better at it. But it’s one that I think we would all be better off practicing. Not for show, not for points or less time in purgatory or whatever; but for ourselves, for our inner lives, and for the good of everyone around us.


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