Illegal Jesus

For Whom?

Posted in political by indiegoddess on October 9, 2008

I watched both the Obama Indiana rally and the McCain Pennsylvania rally yesterday. While Joe Biden was campaigning on his own [caught that, too], Gov. Palin was with McCain.

She spoke before he did, and near the end of her speech, she said [paraphrased] that John McCain was the candidate who had spent his entire career fighting for “you.”

Let me address this as if I think that McCain has been fighting for anything other than his own amassing of power, his own influence, his own image. Let’s pretend I think that.

She addressed the crowd of something like 5,000 and the image they selected for their backdrop was very telling. I know about political theatre. I’ve been a part of it. I’ve stood, for example, twice behind John Edwards at speeches/television interviews at my university. I know they pick and choose, for the most part, who is going to stand behind the candidate.

When you have crowds in a general admission sort of setting, like Obama did yesterday, I tend to give them a little more credit for not participating in image creation, but I still look at the image with a jaded, weathered eye.

When Ms. Palin addressed her crowd, there was one Person of Colour in any of the shots – even crowd shots. It was a Secret Service agent. All around here, behind her, on camera, were young white women, mostly blonde, very southern sorority [I attend a major southern university, so I’m only speaking about how homogeneous sororities are here, not nation wide]. Aryan features and everything. There was one older man. Also white. [He was chewing something most of the time and I kept being drawn into looking at him.]

White, rich, privileged beyond belief.

You’re damned right, Sarah Palin. That’s exactly the group that Senator McCain has been fighting for his entire career.


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