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Health care in this country BLOWS

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Dude. Being poor and chronically ill in this country is tough. Beyond the issues of transportation and at-home care, you also have to deal with availability and what’s covered by insurance. And what isn’t. And if you don’t have insurance? Well, for now, you’re fucked.

Today was a DAY. Between migraines, doctor appointments, lab work, and pharmacy visits, my day was eaten up in last minute things, including the discover that neither Medi-cal (California’s Medicaid) nor Anthem cover Nuvaring. You have to pay out of pocket for that! I didn’t ask at the time how much we’d have to pay out of pocket because ha, like I could’ve afforded it anyway (at Costco, without insurance, you’re looking at $277 for three months). It’s a hilarious dilemma, when you think about it. People don’t want to provide birth control to all women with no hassle. But they’re going to scorn any (poor) woman who gets pregnant because she doesn’t have reliable, cost-efficient access to birth control. What about those women who need the birth control for non-birth control reasons? If you need Nuvaring so you can get some relief from debilitating cramps and 100+ day-long periods, you’re just SOL because someone doesn’t want to pay for your <strike>whore</strike> medicine that might give you a shot at a somewhat normal life.

It just seems ridiculous that, in this day and age when so many people are concerned with the government getting too big that there’s NO issue at ALL for the government to interfere with a woman’s reproductive health. Government can never be BIG ENOUGH for women’s reproductive health. If some on the right had their way, I’m pretty sure all wombs would be state-owned property.



For Your Consideration, 12/12/10


Sacramento State University has seven reported (REPORTED) sexual assaults since the semester began in September. The assaults range from “inappropriate touching over clothes” to “stranger rape”.

[TRIGGER WARNING AT SITE] Bakersfield police arrest man on suspicion of animal cruelty. Friends of the Kern County Animal Shelters Foundation is accepting donations to help care for the dog during rehabilitation.

The clusterf*ck that is the Roseville Galleria fire continues, this time with a gag order placed on pretty much anyone who was within spitting distance of the mall that day. For those keeping track at home: after being denied treatment for his severe mental health issues, a kid sets fire to the Game Stop; after the fire is extinguished, we found out that the sprinklers were turned off for some reason. Oops!


Friend of the blog, Anya Richardson, makes smart phone geeks and Angry Birds fans everywhere pine for epic cakes of epictude.

Elizabeth Edwards was laid to rest yesterday. We loved Elizabeth and were devastated to hear of her passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and loved ones.

The Metrodome deflates under the weight of apocalyptic snow. A friend of ours is calling the storm very Day After Tomorrow. Yes, but is Jake Gyllenhaal there?

Stricter abortion limits to be pushed in the House. Of course.


Rwanda genocide archive unveiled. If there can be a “cool” part to any of this, it’s that they’ve mapped the genocide using GPS.

Obama asked Kenya to stop supplying Southern Sudan with arms, according to Wikileaks. How about we ask Khartoum to stop killing Sudanese citizens?

In related news, Southern Sudan is set to vote on independence January 9. The SPML publicly backs independence for the South for the first time. It will be very interesting to see what happens at the start of the year. I am kind of dorkily excited about it.

A quick update

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I swear y’all, we’re not dead. Not completely. There is a lot happening in the Illegal Jesus camp, particularly our move home. IG is already in California and I am following three short weeks (omg, seriously 3 weeks?). We both want to update this more regularly, and we hope to get back to that soonish.

State of the Union 2010

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I’ll be liveblogging the SOTU, so check back when it and the rebuttal are over because this post will be updated!

But for now, wine and chocolate in preparation.


I really liked Chris Matthews during the campaign. But now he’s just irritating.

ORSZAG! The Ladies’ Man….and we have a possible Rahm sighting. RAHMBO! I don’t necessarily agree with his politics but I love him because he will kill you with his stubby finger.

The First Lady looks flawless. Absolutely gorgeous. Here is a list of her special guests.

I love the ceremony of the SOTU. It gives me chills.

I like how this President shakes hands.


Keith Olbermann (happy birthday!) keeps insisting he hates the word “zeitgeist” but he’s used it about 800 times in the last two minutes. And now Rachel Maddow keeps using it.

And here…we….GO.

After all the applause dies down.

He speaks! “Thank you…thank you….thank you….”

Pelosi: …the President of the United States
Biden: YAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *clap clap clap*

Biden smiles at Obama like a proud papa. I kind of totally like Biden, despite his gaffs.

Here we go for real.

I just took a deep breath. Of worry.

Busting out some history on our asses. I like to hear about history, so this is okay.

We chose to move forward as one nation and one people. We must (now) answer history’s call.

President: I took office when things were crazy messed up.

“One year later, the worst of the storm has passed. But the devastation has remained.” Indeed.

Small towns, small businesses, etc., have suffered greatly. The poor are poorer. People can’t save and he knows the anxieties of the people.

Children write him letters and they make him sad. “For those and many others, change has not come fast enough.”

People are tired of the partisanship, the shouting, and the pettiness. Damn straight we are. Get something done, you guys. You can’t just push against the people you don’t like when the actual PEOPLE are floundering.

Mr. President, I get the focus on children but what about those of us who don’t have children and are still struggling to get by? The childless of America matter just as much as those WITH children.

Standing O #1…for being hopeful about America’s future. Give me a reason to be hopeful, Mr. President. Please.

Economy (don’t clap, you dumbasses) is first on the chopping block. “We all hated the bank bailout.” LOLOBAMA. Cracking wise during a SOTU.

Can I get some of that recovered money? Because I could use like….a very small amount of it.

A fee on the banks! If they can charge me fees, then we should be able to charge them fees. I AGREE WITH THIS. They don’t need to be handing out big bonuses…bonuses for what? Sticking it to the American people? Ugh.

Standing O #2

Tax cuts what what! 95% of Americans received tax cuts.

Standing O #3 because we love us some tax cuts

Income taxes have not gone up, folks. My paycheck is about $20 less than usual because my health insurance premiums went up. OH YAY HEALTH INSURANCE. LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT.

The Recovery Act has made the tax cuts and job creation possible. Recovery Act aka STIMPAK.

Ugh Cantor and Boehner.

Yes but a lot of people have been laid off and it’s terrible for them. I am very lucky and very blessed.

However….time for sad stories. Which are very sad and very serious and jobs will be our number #1 focus in 2010. He’s calling for a jobs bill. This is good news! I know far too many people without jobs.

No seriously you guys. I’m very, very blessed.

Let’s see some help for (btw, I lost track of the standing Os) small businesses. I have a number of friends and acquaintances who have had to shut their businesses. Let’s help them get it all back, Mr. President!

Proposing that $30 billion of what the banks have repaid be given to community banks to help small businesses stay afloat.

He’s going to build us all up and get us all happy and then he’s going to talk about shit that’s going to make me go RAAWERKJAFJ ASDFJ;SFJSDF S;LFJAS;LDKFJSF


Hell yes, high speed rail! Clean energy! Rebates for energy efficiency! HELL. YES. Stop outsourcing jobs. If you think undocumented workers are to blame for a lack of jobs, look at the businesses who are shipping the jobs out.

The House has passed some…something I admit I wasn’t paying attention just then because I was drinking wine.

He wants a jobs bill on his desk immediately. The only way to full employment….oh…here comes the part I might not like? Idk idk…blah blah blah Bush administration blah blah blah slow economic growth blah blah housing bubble blah………….how long should America put its future on hold? Well, if the GOP has any say in the matter, AMERICA CAN WAIT FOREVER. Oooh he brought out the big guns…rub China’s growth in their faces…that will do the trick! No. For real. It will.


Did Stephen Colbert write that section? WE’RE NUMBER ONE! WE’RE NUMBER ONE!

You folks need to sit down, pull your thumbs out of your mouths, and get shit done. Period. Because we are paying for your petty squabbles.

ORLY OBAMA? WILL YOU? WHY DIDN’T YOU DO THAT WITH HEALTHCARE?? (Send back a bill for reform that doesn’t get it right.)

Safe clean nuclear plants! Friends don’t let friends use coal. Just sayin’.

He said the magic word! OIL! The GOP likey.

Biden is all rubbing his hands together, like “Ohhhh yeah baby ohhh yeah!”

Profitable clean energy? SURELY YOU JEST.

The climate change thing got a laugh. Here’s lookin’ at you, Inhofe!

More exports = more jobs
He wants to double our exports over the next five years, creating 2 million jobs in America. What do we export now? I’m too lazy to look it up right now.

“Farmers and small businesses”…do you mean small farmers as well? Because corporate farms can gtfo.

Joe Biden, I like your tie. And your teeth.

Indie Goddess: And Cuba. Let’s get some sugar back in this country.

Improve our schools? Whaaaat? Reward success? Whaaat? Help students excel? Turn around failing schools? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS WE DON’T NEED EDUCATION IT IS FOR ELITIST LIBRULS~~~~

No shit you can’t get a good job with just a high school diploma. Revitalize community colleges! That’s what I’m talking about. And ohh lol affordable college? There is no such thing anymore.

“No one should go broke because they chose to go to college.” SO. MUCH. THIS.

But what about people who don’t have “families”? What about renting, childless families? WE NEED HELP, MR. PRESIDENT. WE ARE GOING BROKE.

Here we go. Healthcare reform. What is REFORM to you, Mr. President? Are you going to continue to let some people screw us? PEOPLE ARE DYING. Ffs.

This is currently the biggest issue in our household. We ARE in financial ruin, thanks to health issues and unaffordable health care that covers NOTHING.

Oh, epidemic childhood obesity. Whatever. Moving on.

Michelle Obama is NOT pleased.


You take the blame? WHAT? Well, I accept your sort-of apology. But let’s get back to how you’re going to fix this mess. Because our lives are being ruined by companies who don’t give a shit about us. (DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ! I LOVE YOU)

Please just do something. Please. Make sure mental health and women’s reproductive health get ample, affordable coverage. Please to not be throwing us under the bus again.

I haaaaate health care talk because it makes me so angry. UNIVERSAL COVERAGE. END OF STORY.

That is truth and I support it. Obama had nothing to do with that deficit. Clinton gave us a surplus and Bush destroyed it.

Tough decisions families are making in America: honey, do we keep the power on or do we buy groceries?

(Yo, my elbow hurts you guys! I think I’m sitting at a bad angle.)

I missed something there about vetoing budgets or something or blah blah blah.

Solutions for Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. I remember my grandma being all YOU’RE GOING TO SPEND MY SOCIAL SECURITY BLARGH!! and I was like lol grandma I won’t GET social security. heh

Spending freeze. The thing that made me angry yesterday! At least it isn’t starting until next year? Oh idk. TAX AND SPEND, TAX AND SPEND, TAX AND SPEND.

Obama, you’re so cute when you’re all hopeful optimist…”Let’s try something new! Let’s use common sense!” So presh.

Oooh, good one. “We face a deficit of trust.”

I missed whatever that was that made people grumble and disagree.

Yeah, WAY TO GO, SUPREME COURT. That was the stupidest effing thing you have ever done in the history of the world. /hyperbole Special interests are going to rule campaigns now. Why would we even bother voting? Ugh.

Publish all earmark requests! TRANSPARENCY! I like this and it’ll give McCain something else to twat about on the Twitter machine.

Obama realizes he is not Jesus. I am a little scared of the people who ever thought he was.

THANK YOU, MR. PRESIDENT. THANK YOU. We are paying for those grudges and stalling tactics, you PUBLICLY. ELECTED. OFFICIALS.

I like that he is all “Now children, start playing nice or so help me, you will be breaking a switch off the tree in the backyard.”

Attention Democrats: DO YOUR FUCKING JOBS. For once in your lives.
Attention Republicans: Stop being douchebags.

“We work here to serve our citizens, not our ambitions.”

And here we go on homeland security.

We’re filling gaps, foiling plots, not torturing (orly?), etc., etc.

We support the troops! And we want them to come home safely now, plzkthnx. Veterans definitely need more help and the issue of women veterans and sexual assault in the military. AND MENTAL HEALTH. For all veterans.

Secure nuclear weapons! But if we get them, every should have them. Every country deserves second-strike capability. It makes no sense to let Israel have nuclear weapons but be all lol no Iran u can no has oops Israel just blew you up!

While I typed that, he talked about stuff I didn’t catch. I’m bad at this. It was way more fun to liveblog the debates.


“America must always stand on the side of freedom and human dignity.” Well, can we get to that then?

Civil rights talk! OVERTURN DADT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO MR. PRESIDENT GO! REPEAL REPEAL REPEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OKAY SO DON’T SAY ANYTHING MORE ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!! (How about a time frame, dude?)

Fuck yeah equal pay for an equal day’s work!

Fix immigration? lolwhat it isn’t broken~~ Can we fix xenophobes and racists, too?

I love that parts of his speech are lectures telling Congress to stop being big babies. IT’S ABOUT TIME SOMEONE TOLD THEM.

This is all well and good, Sir, but it’s time to stop talking and start working.

“We don’t quit. I don’t quit. Let’s seize this moment.”

God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.

Initial thoughts: nothing surprised me, really. Obama continues to disappoint in all the places he disappointed during the campaign. So really, if I look at things that way, Obama is doing just as well as I expected. But that’s kind of a lie, since I thought perhaps his election would ignite the Democrats and we’d get some stuff done. What was I thinking? The Democrats continue to disappoint.

It’d be nice if he said more about DADT than “I plan to repeal DADT!” Because you know what, closing Gitmo and repealing DADT were the first two things he said he was going to do. And lulz, guess what? I know some people will argue that there are more important things going on that need attention but seriously, repeal DADT. There are good, patriotic men and women who are being kept from serving because of DADT.

And oh…my…god. Chris Matthews just said “I forgot for an hour he was black!” *facepalm*



Virginia governor Bob McDonnell.

“Hello, I’m Bob McDonnell, the founder of McDonald’s. Er…governor of Virginia.”

Talking unemployment….and not saying much so far. He wants to create jobs.

The federal government is trying to do “too much”. Debt, tax breaks, blah blah blah.

Freezing discretionary spending is laudable step but small step. He said something there and I missed it and zzzzzz.

This guy is a tool.

How are we supposed to BUY this health insurance, Mr. Governor?

Indie Goddess has her fingers in her ears and is humming REALLY loudly, so I can’t hear what he’s saying. It’s all a bunch of “this administration is doing it wrong, etc., etc., and we want to do it better! And here is our vague plan.” (Which is similar to the President’s plan for DADT. CWIDT?)

Okay kiddos, time for bed! Or just…not this. If you made it all the way through, then you deserve cookies!

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Delurker Day 2010

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It’s National Delurker Day! That means you have to comment and say hi. And if you don’t, I’ll know.

(And lol, here we are delurking as posters ON OUR OWN BLOG. Yeah. We know.)

Laughter is not always the best medicine

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One of my biggest turn offs is cruelty (take note, future suitors). I have a strong dislike for mean people. I have very little tolerance for people who think a person’s appearance or economic status is fair game for a laugh. I absolutely cannot stand that People of Walmart website. I absolutely cannot stand it when Keith Olbermann can, in one segment of his show, be a very convincing feminist ally and all-around groovy progressive, and in the next segment, go on to make some snide remark about Ann Coulter’s looks or Rush Limbaugh’s weight (and no, Keith, saying that you yourself are not thin does not make attacking Limbaugh’s weight okay. Just so we’re clear).

While I’ve always not been a fan of cruelty, I’ve not always been kind to my fellow human beings. I’m guilty of a past riddled with sizist, classist, racist, sexist remarks that I deeply regret. It wasn’t until I got into the FA/HAES movement that I saw the damage those kinds of remarks do to everyone, not just the people directly affected. By hating on people different than myself, I in turn made it okay for them to hate on me. And I don’t like being hated on. Do you?

So I began the slow, error-prone process of weeding certain language from my vocabulary. Taking out ‘lame’ and ‘gay’ and ‘retarded’ opened a whole new level of places where my words and phrases were problematic. I discovered things that hurt people I loved, and if those things hurt people I loved, then they were likely hurting people I didn’t even know. I used to be quite fond of the handy internets an acronym, ‘DIAF’, which you may or may not know stands for Die In A Fire. I didn’t REALLY want the people I said it/about to actually die in a fire. I just wanted them to leave me alone. So…why didn’t I just say that? Because I wanted to be cool on the internets. And also, four letters is a lot less than…six or seven entire WORDS (omg what). Then I found out a very close friend of mine was really bothered by that little saying – four harmless little letters by themselves – because of something in her past. It took me awhile but I was finally able to stop using it. I have developed ‘ go jump into the sun’ for inanimate objects or ideas because sometimes, my ideas could probably use the restorative power of fire to become better.

The internet is a place where people can hide their true identities and put their conscience to rest. I’m afraid that trend of fearlessness is beginning to leak out into the non-internet world because seriously, what kind of person thinks it’s okay to physically attack someone who is fat or gay or black or trans or an activist for any of those groups? What kind of person thinks it’s appropriate conduct to yell at the president when he’s addressing a joint session of Congress? No one yelled at President Bush about WMDs and he really WAS lying about that.

But I digress.

People of Walmart is a disgusting website. Apparently I’m not allowed to think so because they have an FAQ explaining how they don’t post pictures that mock a person’s size or class or something. I think I’m supposed to understand that this website is making fun of people who wear clothes that some people find objectionable/appalling/shocking/tacky/hideous/unflattering and that it isn’t making fun of anyone’s class or body size or appearance or anything and how do you know, Writer Writing, if they’re poor just by looking at them? That’s classist! (No, seriously. I heard that one today.) I’ve yet to find anything amusing on that website. And believe me, I looked. Because I thought maybe I was being a little bit too sensitive about it. But no, after about five minutes of browsing, I realized that I take absolutely no joy in the humiliation of others and that People of Walmart is just another corner of the internet machine that I will spend the next 15 minutes (or however long internet memes last these days) of my life ignoring the constant suggestions I get telling me to GO NOW OMG WRITER WRITING NO SRSLY LOL IT’S HILARIOUS~

I suppose if that makes me a humorless person, then I am vastly humorless. I am barren of humor. I am a black hole in the universe of Funny Things. I gobble up all of your good humor* and you never see it again because I am just so devoid of anything funny. Ho-hum.

People of the Internets Earth, why can’t you be nice to one another? I know it isn’t easy because some people are just irritating as shit, but that doesn’t make it okay to hurt them with your fists or with your words. None of us are perfect and we’re all going to say something wrong at least once, but can’t we just all work together to make this world a safer and happier place for everyone? If you truly disagree with someone, argue them on their points of view and beliefs, not on their appearance. It just makes you look like a ginormous douchebag if you counter their viewpoint with, “Oh yeah? WELL YOU’RE FAT/UGLY/POOR/GAY/BLACK”. There’s a high road and there’s a low road. You can choose to engage someone on an intellectual or spiritual level or you can choose to undermine, demean, and marginalize them. The next time you encounter something that has given someone else pause, stop for a minute and give their pause consideration. It’s the nice thing to do.

*I want ice cream.

A moratorium on bullshit

Posted in personal by writerwriting on October 25, 2009

I finally got to watch the Wizards of Waverly Place movie tonight. JFC WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG? That movie was awesome. I’m a little sad that David Henrie is a douche IRL because he was kind of adorable in parts, and I love Selena Gomez way too much for someone my age.

Today was supposed to be a Good Day after a rather shitastic week, but it really didn’t get to be a Good Day. Indie Goddess and I both had nightmares (THANKS A LOT, DOLLHOUSE FROM LAST WEEK), and I didn’t feel very well. I did get my car inspected (it passed, you’ll be happy to know) and I got some yummy rustic bread from the Weave. But it’s been kind of a blah day. I got a bug in my butt about making pumpkin spice muffins (COVERED. IN. CREAM CHEESE FROSTING.) thanks to my friend, but when I went to Target, there was no spice cake mix. When I went to Kroger, there was no spice cake mix. FINALLY, at Harris Teeter, there was spice cake mix. WTF TRIANGLE. I bought a new bra on clearance – to replace the TWO of the three I own that have snapped underwires – only to find out it didn’t fit (don’t yell at me about not trying it on; I had already tried on two pairs of jeans and for some reason the fitting room gave me anxiety), which bummed me out.

The pumpkin spice muffins? Delicious as hell.

ANYWAY. The point of this post was to call a moratorium on bullshit because I didn’t not have a Good Day. So here are the results of my raid on The Commons at Flickr.

A skeleton! From the Powerhouse Museum.

Library of Congress.

Library of Congress.

Library of Congress. DOES SHE LOOK FAMILIAR TO YOU? She should.

Library of Congress. I love her hat.

Library of Congress.

Okay. OKAY. Clearly I got sidetracked by WW2.

Poor, put-upon white people

Posted in history, human rights, privilege, the personal is political, the world by writerwriting on October 22, 2009

So the post on privilege has given us a lot more traffic than normal and ten whole comments on one post. The latest comment (at the time I’m writing this), is the one you see below.

I’ll start this out by saying that I believe acknowledging privilege is unnecessary. We have all had it shoved down our throats (especially those who spent a great deal of time in the deep south) that, in being white, we are privileged. By having disposable income, we are privileged. Being male is another privilege. Being heterosexual is yet another.
Honestly, there is nothing I can do about my privilege. I sure as hell won’t be ashamed of who I am and where I came from. Someone who screams “But you’re PRIVILEGED!” intends to make me feel that way.
There were always ‘power imbalances’ in society. There always will be. There will always be oppressed people. It’s the ‘You VS. Me’ dynamic. It is a human trait – a survival mechanism, to protect the ‘tribe’.
Not to say that we shouldn’t try to change things. But first we have to acknowledge human nature. Societal Homogenization will do no one any good…it’s just a Communism of a different color.

Poor, poor put-upon white people. Always having to be reminded of their whiteness. Always having to be reminded of our shady, imperialist, genocidal past by the people we oppressed/conquered/enslaved/killed people who just want to make us feel bad about our skin color. Why do they have to remind us of these things that happened in the past? We’re white (male, straight, cis, able bodied). We know we have it better than everyone else.

Except that we don’t. Anyone who has spent any time in the deep South should know that. Anyone who has had to sit through a movie or television show or hell, even a commercial that insults, demeans, minimizes, or makes into a “funny” joke hir experience, appearance, ability, or sexuality should know that. But we don’t. If we did know this, if we were aware of our privilege subconsciously, without any kind of philosophical consideration, we wouldn’t diminish rape to something as banal as a stereo being too loud and hurting our ears. We wouldn’t tell sufferers of depression to just “cheer up” or to tell POC to “relax, it was just a joke.”

A lot of people don’t get it or don’t want to get it or think it’s too PC or any number of other things, and that is fucking harmful. To not want to acknowledge your privilege is to not want to consider another’s experience. It opens a doorway into all kind of abuse of power. Abuse of privilege.

By asking someone to acknowledge hir privilege, we’re not asking them to be homogeneous. We’re asking them to consider the fact that in certain situations, they are going to say or do something that is offensive or racist or sexist and that when someone calls them on it, they will be able to take a step back, see where their privilege blinded them to another person’s situation, and learn not to do it again.

And as far as oppressing other people being part of human nature, survival and tribal protection, what say you of communities and tribes that are in mutually beneficial relationships? Are you really suggesting that the oppressed shouldn’t fight for freedom?

(And Indie Goddess would like to say, “What the fuck is that evo-psych bullshit?”)

An Illegal Jesus vocabulary lesson: douche*

Word truncated so you can add your own ending. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure for words! May I suggest: -hound, -nozzle, -hat, -razor.

Douche is a word laden with controversy. I know feminists who won’t use it because douches are Bad Things Used Against Women ™. I know non-feminists who won’t use it because it’s gross, or also Bad Things Used Against Women ™, or something that women do and therefore, anti-feminist.

We here at Illegal Jesus, cunty feminists the both of us, choose to use douche* as our prime descriptor. Here’s why: douching is a concept that is inherently anti-woman. It teaches us to put chemicals that are dangerous (Lysol at one point, ladies!) and not natural to the vagina so that it smells “nice” and is “appealing” and “inviting” and “not dirty”. To men. Society tells us, by suggesting (demanding) we assault our self-cleaning, full of good bacteria vaginas with harsh, unnatural and dangerous chemicals, that the vagina is gross. Douching is A Very Bad Thing and incredibly anti-woman, and by using douche* to describe disagreeable people, concepts, behaviors, statements, etc., we are not insulting women. We’re saying you’re a painful, harsh chemical that is a pain in our lovely, lovely cunts.


Posted in human rights, the personal is political by writerwriting on October 21, 2009

So, Marianne lost her temper on the internets over this post about privilege. Marianne says it a lot better than I probably can. But you know, I’ll give it a shot. I am, after all, half owner of this blog!

I’ve been trying to articulate what about the original post rubbed me the wrong way. It feels like bragging. It feels like an absence of acknowledgment that other people do not have, will not ever have, her privilege, and that in that absence, she does not care that other people do not have, will not ever have. I have a friend who isn’t concerned with health care reform because he’s young, healthy, and has insurance. It doesn’t affect him. He can’t understand why I’m so affected by it, because I am young, relatively healthy, and have insurance. The original post makes me feel a lot like my friend’s comments make me feel when we discuss health care reform.

I could be misunderstanding the point of the OP’s post, and I invite her to clear up any of my misconceptions here. But I think Marianne is right. Acknowledge your privilege, but don’t be a douchebag about it.


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